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    Banking infrastructure between countries is not connected which leads to sever delays, costs and bureaucracy. SME exporters and service providers are the ones who lose out the most when it comes to collecting payments from their overseas customers. For example a brazilian company selling IT services to Germany, a Indian coffee grower selling to customers in europe and on amazon. What B2B Pay is provide virtual bank accounts to non-resident businesses , now thanks to B2Bpay a small firm in India, Brazil or US can directly access European banking which they couldn’t do before and save nearly 80% in fees.

  • Change


    We help American millennials to improve their financial health by automating and optimizing their financials. Our platform can link into any bank & credit card, identify financial patterns, make predictions and execute automated banking services. All communication is done via texting with our ChatBot. Change is used by over 15,000 clients who linked their bank accounts & credit cards to the service and over 2,000 of them enabled our auto-savings service which is generating over $10,000 per day in savings deposits.

  • Clarity


    Clarity mission is to add a social dimension to markets. What’s the problem we are trying to solve? In the short term, there is already a pressing need and a huge demand for “socially conscious” investments, but investors and asset managers lack the tools and metrics to act on it. In the long term, and more importantly, there is a need to add a social dimension to the markets, in order to address inequality and to fix the inefficient allocation of capital and resources.

  • Dov-e


    Everyone is trying to engage with the consumer’s mobile device. DOV-E’s (Data Over Voice encoding Ltd.) patent Granted software-only audio communication solution enables mobile engagement & mobile authentication using commonly available speakers. Such speakers can easily be found in any B2C platforms such as Radio, TV, Digital Screen, E-commerce website and any POS machine. DOV-E’s mobile authentication solution frees the wallet from 3rd parties dependencies, therefore allowing it to increase its revenues as well as keeping its end-consumer data (otherwise inaccessible). DOV-E’s mobile engagement solution provides a revolutionary way to engage with the endconsumer passively without asking it to open the mobile wallet even once , is highly lucrative for any wallet application.

  • e-Pesos


    ePesos is the only payment platform in the market that serves unbanked people, as it doesn’t ask for a bank account to operate. The platform allows its users to access cash directly from banks or transfers, do payments to suppliers, unlimited money transfers between accounts and service payments.

  • Pago 46


    The reality is a major portion of people in the emerging countries are not banked and cannot access the digital economy. Our mission at 46, is to allow any person, in any city, to purchase goods and services by paying with cash. Our technology platform allows for the creation of a virtual marketplace of goods and services, where consumers and agents interact through their mobile applications, instilling a collaborative marketplace. To make this happen, we have created a platform that connects our payment button integrated in any commerce with our app-based cash collection network, enabling financial inclusion in digital consumption for the unbanked population.

  • SnapSwap


    SnapSwap International S.A. has an automated Remote Onboarding in 6 mins. The solution is developed for banks, telecoms, insurance companies and other entities, which are required to collect ID information and scan users through a KYC procedure. It is a value-added service to digitize the account opening process. It is a unique fully automated solution for onboarding customers in compliance with anti-money laundering and “know your customer” requirements remotely. Thanks to this digitization, the procedures are simplified, cost-effective and time-saving. It allows customers to register instantly and securely. Moreover, the solution brings a renewal and a reinforcement of the customer experience.